Getting Trump
By: BOR StaffNovember 14, 2023
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An interesting way to evaluate former President Trump is to watch the reaction he received at this weekend's UFC fights.
Before Trump, you would never find a sitting or former President at any type of fight.  The general consensus by many is that it is beneath the office.
There he was Saturday night in New York City, getting a generally positive reaction from the crowd.  
Fighters, of different walks of life didn't try to avoid him.  Michael Chandler, Justin Gaethje, and Chito Vera all took pictures with him.  
Whether you agree or disagree with the former President, there's a reason fighters, rappers relate to Trump.
He represents himself, isn't afraid to talk out loud, and isn't afraid to walk among the people.  While he has had a privileged life, these people see Trump as an authentic person.  
Whether they're right or wrong, authenticity is something we can all agree is scarce in Washington.