Dubious Polling
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 18, 2022
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Polling is getting more dubious in America.  It's easy to skew any question in any direction you want.  Politico yesterday released a survey saying most Americans "approve" of the raid on Trump's house.


But why would they approve?  Nobody knows what the accusation is.  So, I guess a majority of us like law enforcement barging in on an undefined mission?

Now, I don't believe the poll, but I do believe Politico likes the outcome because the website doesn't like Trump.  I love doing the math.

And most Americans don't even know what Politico is.  But they see the headline on the news sites.  And many believe the headline, having no idea how the data was assembled.

This is called being "misguided."  

We the people know we're being conned by a dishonest media system, but there's little we can do about it.  However, we, ourselves, contribute to the dishonest culture if we believe stuff without checking it out.

But who has time for that?

My personal poll: 51 percent believe the message I wrote is worthy.  BTW, only two votes were tabulated: mine and my Corgi, Holly the Terror Dog.

See you tonight for the No Spin News.

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