The Unholy Alliance
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 7, 2022
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The Unholy Alliance

The United States has the most powerful media industry in the world by far. That's because of capitalism and the Constitution, which give the press strong potential profits and legal protections.

In 1996, the Fox News Channel went on the air. Twenty-six years later, it has harvested tens of billions of dollars. Your humble correspondent is responsible for a good chunk of those profits. Therefore, I know what I'm talking about.

Today, the American media has morphed into something that is actually harming defenseless people. There are unholy alliances in play; that is, press agencies advancing the fortunes of leftists seeking power while at the same time ignoring injustice. Let's focus on a vivid example: The Los Angeles Times.

Like its namesake in New York, the LA Times is a liberal outfit. Nothing wrong with that if an attempt is made to provide straightforward news coverage. Unfortunately, that's not what's happening.

While crime is devastating LA and other California cities, the newspaper is desperately trying to save progressive law enforcement agents who are directly responsible for the death and destruction.

Quality of life in some parts of California has just about collapsed.

Perhaps the worst pro-criminal official in the Golden State is Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. He took office on December 7, 2020. Since then, homicides have been up 94 percent over 2019, and shootings up 54 percent.

Why? Because Gascon embraces criminal justice "reform." That basically means he believes minority individuals charged with crimes should not be aggressively prosecuted by his office. Instead, they should be "diverted" into social programs that might convince them not to hurt innocent people.

Criminals love the diversion thing, and if they knew his name, they'd love George Gascon, too.

But 715,833 Angelenos do not approve of George and have signed a petition to fire him by a recall vote.

Enter the LA Times, which is appalled not by the staggering increase in violence but by the campaign against Georgie. It editorialized: "the notion that a D.A. can make crime rise or fall over a period of time is absurd."

Ahem. Here's what's absurd, the newspaper cannot process the violent crime rise that it reports every day.

The truth is the progressive movement believes the American criminal justice system is racist and wants to destroy it. The LA Times is part of the progressive movement; it has allied itself with it.

So, death in the streets of blighted neighborhoods really doesn't matter to the paper in the face of the greater good: decriminalizing crime and depopulating prisons.

The unholy alliance between the press and the far left is willing to accept some casualties in order to make that happen. Of course, this is as far away from "justice" as you can get. Doesn't matter to the progressive forces of darkness. They are on a noble mission. They are the enlightened ones.

And if folks get hurt because of the mission? Well, that's simply the price of true "reform." Isn't it?