What the Far Left Really Wants
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 17, 2022
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What the Far Left Really Wants

One of the few positive things coming out of the incredible failure of the Biden administration is the decline of the progressive movement in America.

As is documented, Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate but immediately embraced far-left policies after his inauguration. That led to debilitating inflation, massive federal spending, worldwide embarrassment in Afghanistan, a woke culture that has damaged millions of Americans, and a stated presidential mandate to impose " equity."

The equity thing, where certain preferred groups get special treatment by both federal and state governments, has caused a horrifying spike in violent crime (minority criminals often go unpunished). In addition, Biden's ultra-dangerous open border policy (migrants dying as well as drug users) is inexplicable.

Because Mr. Biden's failures are so vivid, the progressive crew that directs him is getting hammered in the court of public opinion. The crazy-left District Attorney in San Francisco was recently fired by voters, and his counterpart in Los Angeles County currently awaits the same recall fate.

Progressives have lost hearts and minds but not the committed leftwing media. The Los Angeles Times, which supported DA Chesa Boudin in San Francisco and George Gascon in LA, remains unrepentant of its far-left fanaticism.

In fact, that newspaper is a good roadmap to where progressives really want to go. In a recent column, Times scribe Nicholas Goldberg actually dismantles the Constitution. Please read the next paragraph carefully.

"Let's be honest: the problem isn't just with the (Supreme Court) justices. The problem, at least a substantial portion of it, lies with the U.S. Constitution itself.

"Yes, the hallowed Constitution, the document hammered out by 55 bewigged men in Philadelphia."

Goldberg then goes on to quote radical leftist (in my opinion) David Law, who teaches at the University of Virginia: "How could it (the Constitution) possibly fit the needs of a highly diverse country of 300-plus-million people in the 21st century..."

So there it is, the real progressive agenda - get rid of that arcane system of government the "white landowners" imposed back in 1787. Knock that constitutional sucker out!

Goldberg then goes on to enumerate some new provisions the LA Times thinks are cool. No electoral votes, popular vote rules. So, because California has the most citizens, it would dictate many political outcomes for the entire country.

Also, the states should not have two senators, Goldberg says. California should have many more than Wyoming and other small states.

The right to "bear arms" is "antiquated and dangerous," writes Goldberg. It absolutely has to go.

The Second Amendment should be replaced by a new mandate: "environmental rights!" Of course, the federal government would define and enforce those rights, whatever they turn out to be (say goodbye to your car).

Old Nick also wants to protect "gay, transgender and women's rights" with another new constitutional amendment.

Sure. Let's divide Americans along gender and color lines. President Biden would love that.

The grievance list of the LA Times and its progressive staff is endless. Free everything for the "oppressed." Stick it to the haves!

That is the true progressive vision. And I very much thank Nicholas Goldberg for stating it.